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Learning to turn the tables... literally

We are in a moment of innovation and rediscovery

Most countries have already lived a radical lifestyle change for more than 60 days, this has led people to go from a state of alarm and uncertainty, to start looking for solutions to adapt to the times.




People who were originally in a state of nervousness and worry that would not even let them sleep, are now doing activities that they never imagined, such as practicing yoga at home, recording videos for YouTube, taking cooking courses via Internet or even starting self-business from home.




All this has generated a wave of multimedia content where countless people have dared to try new things, changing their lifestyles completely and acquiring skills that will remain once the global contingency situation ends.

Those who used to be very tired when they got home after the daily work, now get more rest and start an exercise routine from home; Others who did not have time to learn a new activity, such as playing an instrument or taking a web programming course, are now dedicating themselves to meeting the goals that each year were on the 'things I want to do this year' list.




As you can see, the situation that initially took us by surprise and seemed to paint the world gray, has resulted in a new survival experience where, once again, the human being has demonstrated his incredible ability to adapt and project to get ahead in the most difficult moments.