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Learning to be happier working from home

Enjoying remote work.

The issue of the moment, in view of the fact that we are getting closer to ending this turbulent year, is that working from home is already part of is now called “the new normal”, in which, like it or not, new Social and labor customs will be assumed for a longer time than was initially believed.

Endless articles and studies are the ones talking about how to adapt to the new measures; many are the companies and businesses that are focusing their human resources on helping the work community to understand that working from home is difficult at first, but that it is possible, and that it has many advantages.




It is up to all of us to support and take responsibility for the world situation; by 2021 we should be more than ready to live in the new reality that we had to assume in 2020.

Some tips to keep your sanity and keep up physical and mental well-being are:


  • Build a healthy and comfortable workspace. An ergonomic chair and a good desk are the key.
  • Take advantage of that you are at home and design the office of your dreams. Customize your space as much as you want.
  • Listen to the music that best helps you focus.
  • Don't get stuck in isolation. The Internet is not only an excellent tool to work from home, but you can also join a community where you can free yourself from the workplace for a while.




It has been a tough year for everyone, but that is why we can recognize ourselves as winners. Life is continuous learning and 2020 has made it very clear to us.