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Interiors and behaviors: change after the crisis?

Co-working will undergo an inescapable change

Nobody saw what was coming in 2020, a social transformation that no generation or culture imagined would have to experience, especially in an era as liberal as the current one where, almost literally, people are free to live as they want (as long as they respect social rules).

Never before has a society changed its customs as quickly as what have happened this year with the arrival of the Covid-19. In the case of the western community, where people were more used to direct and physical greetings, adjusting to keeping distance has been a process that some older adults are still trying to get used to.




And just as people have had to adjust to behavior change, workspaces will also have to adapt for the unavoidable return to offices.

Many will continue with the Home Office, but it is meant to be that the vast majority will return to their jobs, and for this, the owners and managers will have to have their spaces ready. Will cubicle separation return after living in the co-working boom? It is not as simple as that. But undoubtedly, the use of dividers and private spaces that maintain the distance between employees will inevitably return to companies that want to benefit the health of their working members.




Likewise, most likely the lavatories will have to have dispensers not only for soap, but also antibacterial, and special care for clothes and shoes will be another thing to keep in mind during coexistence in offices for the time to come.

Time will be the one that’s going to tell us how the return to daily interactions will be, some think that we will be an orientalized society, but we will see all this in a couple of months when the day-to-day activities resume before the pandemic.