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Interior Designs Styles that Should Disappear

Specialists reveal the trends they hate.

Although the saying that goes ‘take what fits you from fashion’ is true, there are many trends in interior design that, more than outdated, should not have existed from the beginning, and this is agreed by several interior specialists who have decided to stop being silent and make a list of styles that should be stopped once and for all.


This time we will be focusing especially on those that are still being applied in the current offices and, honestly, need a good ‘facelift’. Ready to find out if you are working in a really stylish office?.




Interiors with white walls and white furniture. Besides being really difficult to keep it clean, architect Kobi Karp points out that the minimalist tendency about having all in white to create a sense of ‘order and neatness’ is neither the most practical nor the most economical. Without having to remodel from scratch, the ideal is to add a little blue or green to these spaces.


Following the same minimalist trend for unicolor furniture and walls, gray, also is eliminated. Although the different shades of gray can create environments that feel really chic, the truth is that it can become depressing and sterile, with nothing to offer to the creativity of the employees.




Another favorite of many companies is implementing matching furniture and equipment, contrary to current trends, this can end up being unnecessarily expensive and boring. The architect Colin Haentjens, recommends mixing the possibilities: tables, work chairs, and sofas coming from different designs and colors.


The same architect totally censures wanting to give a ‘bit of color’ to monotonous spaces, adding a red armchair, for example, in a white, brown, or gray reception, contrary to making the space look avant-garde, it makes it look childish or saturated.




These are some of the trends that are still being seen in current offices, and they should go, that is why there are no excuses, we are at a key moment to change the style of workspaces and create true comfort and functionality’s zones, always at the latest fashion.