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Health care is also a personal responsibility

The ideal furniture will take care of the user's health.

Just as each site is preparing for a return to work that best benefits the physical and emotional health of each employee, the truth is that employees must also take care of themselves. Especially those who will keep the homeoffice. Since companies are preparing all the proper furniture and environments to maintain health care, employees will need to ensure that they have adequate furniture and equipment to take care of their physical health at home.

Ergonomic furniture is best suited to achieve total harmony between body and mind when carrying out daily work tasks. It is medically proven that good posture avoids causing serious discomfort in the long term, generating comfort and focus when carrying out daily activities and assignments.




If you cannot invest in an entire work study as it would be to move the office to the house, the best idea is to start with a good ergonomic chair, who will become one more co-worker.

The ideal work chair must meet (at least) the following requirements:

  • First of all, it must prevent from bending your back.
  • It must come with a mobile base.
  • Have the possibility to vary the posture.
  • Allow easy viewing of the computer screen.
  • Must have foot support.
  • It is recommended that it helps keep your arms and legs at a 90 degree angle.




Of course, on the part of the user is sitting well, a chair is not magic either, it is on the part of the person to provide for the care of their posture when working, as well as it should be this one who will have as a separate task to carry out small exercise routines between periods of work to detach from the chair and move the body.