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Forging new good habits in the work environment

Global health is the priority theme for 2020

Now that most of the world is assuming new stands regarding social interactions and the rules of cohabitation to take care of our health and those of others, it is more than a simple re-structuring of rules of coexistence at work that is expected to be found in work environments.


More than a “fleeting fashion”, the fact of using face masks in public places, taking care of personal hygiene and disinfecting products and clothes, should be measures and daily routine.




In the “common” company, there are hundreds or thousands of employees who have to live with others, share objects (such as coffee machines, microwaves, printers), use common spaces (bathrooms, conference rooms), to fulfill their daily obligations, making this a constant risk for themselves and others, given the global health alert situation, it has made clear how easy it is to transmit a disease quick and massively in highly conglomerated spaces.




A change in the rules of coexistence is not the only thing that is expected to be found in current workplaces, but rather what is truly important would be to be able to assume a change of attitude in everyone, aware that collective well-being is in the hands of individual example.