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Focus on balance: working at home

Recommendations to stay in control.

If you still feel out of place and you can’t quite catch up with the work-at-home situation, these are not reasons to feel slow or like you will never be able to adapt to the new measures. We all have different adaptation times, after all, we are all different.


The home office is a new way of approaching work, it is a stage to abandon the rigidity and predetermined patterns that we were used to. Seeing it as an opportunity to rebuild our spaces and restructure our lives to change the routines to which we have become accustomed, is the best way to consider this new situation.




A space that should not be missing in our home office is a special zone to relax. This space cannot simply be the bedroom, the best accommodation is to have a soft-seating chair in a well-lit corner, an environment where we can feel peace and our mind can disconnect from work.


It is more than proven that productivity and creativity increase if moments of leisure and relaxation are implemented in your work activity. That is why having a small space to disconnect is also a key element in building the perfect home office.