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Extracurricular Activities Within Companies

The Health and Emotional Stability of Employees are Fast Turning into a Priority.

Just as offices are progressively transformed into home spaces where employees literally feel at home, extracurricular activities such as corporate social programs are bring brought into day-to-day workspaces, without necessarily being a new thing.

It's common for large companies to have spaces with ping-pong tables, mini-basketball courts, or even swimming pools and bowling rooms. Similarly, the presence of internal baseball, golf, and volleyball teams are not new, so when we talk about recreational activities in the office it is not a revelation of the moment. Despite this, there are many companies that don't have recreation rooms or groups, leaving much to be desired in terms of providing the well-being for their employees.




Extracurricular or recreational activities are more than just a way of maintaining the mental and physical health of employees, they also provide the workforce with greater motivation to carry out their daily activities, as well as encouraging integration and sharing among themselves. In large companies, the benefits are greater, since workers from different departments can share and exchange ideas through what activities suits them best.

These investments may seem like a challenge, but there will always be simpler activities that can be implemented and are definitely not that expensive. For example, card games such as poker, karaoke days in the office, or dance and yoga classes can help create a fun and healthy environment.