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Historic Women: Diane von Fürstenberg

In March we bring you these amazing women who have marked a 'before and after' in the history of entrepreneurship

Diane von Fürstenberg wanted to make clear to the world that she wouldn't be just another fairy tale princess. In her own words: “The minute I knew I was going to be Egon's wife, I decided to start a career. I wanted to be someone with aspirations and not just any girl who marries a prince.”




And so, she would go on to become the famous fashion designer she is today, known internationally for her cross-cut dresses, better known as a wrap dress.

In the beginning, her intention was to earn her own salary and be an independent working woman, making clear from the beginning that she would not be just a princess who 'married and lived happily ever after'. In 1970. with a budget of $ 30,000, she began designing women's clothes. The clearest example of her impact as an entrepreneur would be her own husband who would follow in her footsteps to become a designer himself in 1974.




Fürstenberg was one of the main driving forces of 70s glamour. Her lifestyle could be classified as exotic as she would attend parties where you could find personalities ranging from Salvador Dalí himself to the Dukes of Windsor.

Apart from the fame acquired by her marriage, Fürstenberg's popularity would be unstoppable since 1973, when she would give birth to her incredible wrap-dress, greatly influencing women's fashion.