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Designing experiences with furniture, part 2

Talking about design is talking about well-being.

2020 was a year of transformation, change, and adaptation, by 2021 nothing will be as we knew it: spaces, behaviors, jobs, furniture... they have evolved as a result of the pandemic and now we live in what we call ‘the new normality’, being the goal of all these changes to achieve the common welfare of our society.


In this new normality, we need spaces that inspire creativity and healthy habits, as Soledat Berbegal of Actiu’s Family Business says in a recent interview. In this interview, the communications director talks about four interior design alternatives that benefit the user and space in the working from home mode. In the previous article we talked about two of these four, and this time we continue with the remaining two: Nordic and Industrial style.




The Nordic style best represents minimalism. An office desk and chair are the only essentials, and these, better, in white and light wooden colors, which is the classic for this style.


This simplicity helps keep the space clean and calm, ideal for generating good vibes.




The Industrial style goes with metal, glass, black, and other metallic colors as key elements, these allow to recreate a true work environment, encouraging and triggering large amounts of concentration and productivity, 100% emulating the office.