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Designing experiences with furniture, part 1

Innovation as the foundation and future of society

In a recent interview with Soledat Berbegal from the Actiu’s Family Business, she talks about four interior design alternatives for the ideal home office space.

In her words: 'Our workplace should be a space that inspires creativity and healthy habits.' These words are a clear example of the current design vision, and of how it should always focus on the welfare of the user and their relationship with space.




This is the vision that design experts have followed to study the phenomenon of working from home (Home Office), seeking to adapt it efficiently and successfully, achieving a balance between productivity and comfort that reproduces the office environment, but now in the home of each worker.

On this occasion, we will mention two of the four recommended design alternatives to perfectly adapt the workspace at home: Natural and Mediterranean design.




The Natural style, inspired by nature and the green color, as its name implies. This style is ideal for fresh and balanced spaces. Its goal is to transmit the calm that open spaces generate.

The Mediterranean style, marked by bright colors and natural light, its goal is to inspire and stimulate comfortable spaces that increase the well-being of its users.