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Decorating the home office, part 1

We help you perfect your Home Office.

If you are one of our readers, you will be aware that in our lasted articles we have been giving advice to have an office at home without investing a fortune and without having to move or, much less, return to the office.

The key points in the space for the perfect homeoffice are: an ergonomic chair, a large desk and a comfortable place to organize everything. Foreseeing this furniture, the rest will depend solely on creativity and having a place, no matter how small, so that you transform it into your office.




Let's take a look at a couple of facts that you should also consider when setting up your home office:

Colors, ideas and inspiration: This has to do with the desk of your choice. Recommendations? Simple shapes, lots of light, large tables and desks. Apart from this, a wall where you can hang everything that can lead to inspiration. The main thing is to know how to organize everything optimally.



Choose your style: We say it again: forgetting fads and trends is the first thing you should do. The really important thing is that you discover what truly transmits tranquility to you. Select your tastes in colors and materials, and let yourself go to combine everything in the same space.

This for now. Read us next time for more tips on how to achieve the perfect Home Office at home.