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Decorating the home office, part 2

We continue with the tips to perfect your Home Office.

In the previous article we mentioned a couple of tips to help you create the perfect home office environment. As we mentioned on that occasion, the key elements are a comfortable chair, a large desk and a place to organize everything and keep it close at hand.

Although there are many proposals and ideas that can be presented to decorate the homeoffice, what we continue to consider essential is to remember that organization and comfort are the key points to keep in mind.




This time we have two more details to mention when installing the home office:

Colors to use: Choosing your favorite color is an excellent idea, but, areas in whites, raw colors and soft pastel colors, with a harmony of tones, is the combination that transmits the most peace and tranquility when it comes to getting to work.




Organize the space: We said it above and we do not stop recommending it. It is understandable not to have a privileged space for the home office, but even if it is only one corner of the apartment, the organization of the furniture will achieve miracles. Having shelves, drawers and documents on hand, in a special place for them, will make a difference in any work area.

And that's it, simple, right? We invite you to share your homeoffices with us through social networks. Tag us so we can give you the go-ahead.