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Creative offices in the world furnished by Actiu (2/2)

Actiu News

A space for looking even further, for expressing creativity, for designing new projects, for sharing moments, for developing individual tasks, for working as a team and even for liberating the mind. Work environments are evolving at the same speed as people and the companies that occupy them. They are becoming more and more dynamic, flexible and inspiring.


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PMMT Architects: complete accessibility to offices that are a showroom of their work

PMMT Architects know a lot about functionality, commitment and accessibility; it is a Barcelona-based architecture studio specialising in the design and construction of spaces that are accessible for all. Proof of this are its offices, a pilot project in which all its ideas have been materialised in order to make spaces, mainly hospitals, more human; this is a sector where they are a true point of reference. Forty people share this space where creativity, the birth of ideas, communication and working together as a team is all strengthened through the use of furniture, with models from the office desk Longo and the TNK Flex office chairs.




From the mechanics workshop to a spectacular office: the Madrid Biodiversity Foundation


The Madrid Biodiversity Foundation has discovered its new home in an old mechanics workshop with the help of the consultant Savills Aguirre Newman. The space showcases a dynamic, sustainable image, in line with the organisation's values. Its design revolves around the themes of working individually, working as a team, cross-cutting projects and socialising areas.

Actiu has contributed to the project with its Stay chairs and Twist Gen tables, a flexible range that allows for tables to be connected, which encourages interaction.




Victor Club FYI Center - A reinvention on the classic conference centre

In Thailand, interaction and versatility are key in this club designed for conferences, seminars, workshops, business meetings, parties and banquets. It is a space with a capacity for 200 people, certified with the Leed Gold certification, designed as a meeting place that stimulates creativity and interaction between members, and styled by the architecture and interior design firm ELE. Actiu has fitted out the majority of the spaces, from meeting rooms and private areas to multi-tasking spaces and a large dining room.




CBRE Valencia. Offices that promote dynamism and well-being

Wood that evokes thatched huts, neutral tones, wicker swings hanging from the ceiling and a boat that looks to have come from a painting by Joaquín Sorolla define the aesthetics of this 600-square metre space in the centre of Valencia which boasts around 30 work positions. It is a work space aiming to boost efficiency, team work and personal relations. And here, although the areas are clearly defined, the individual work positions are not.

Prisma tables and TNK 500 chairs dress the open space whilst Trama folding tables can adapt to the different needs.




Utopicus: more than a coworking space, it is a space for collaboration

Utopicus is synonimous with co-working. It is a concept for a flexible, open and collaborative space that contributes to a company's social and digital transformation. More than just a space for sharing, it is a space where workers live together and collaborate. Further to this, its two offices in Madrid act as cultural repositories with a wide selection of activities. At Príncipe de Vergara, the co-workers at Utopicus live alongside the workers and clients of its majority partner, the real estate company Colonial.


The two offices are kitted out with the ergonomic office chair Stay and Vital Pro tables, as well as incorporating Talent 300 tables for training spaces, Tabula tables for the coffee corner, amongst other Actiu ranges.




Société Générale. Colour floods two Serbian branches

The Belgrade and Novi Sad (Serbia) branches of the French Société Générale bank have gained a more contemporary and modern aesthetic thanks to design, which boosts user experience, promoting client involvement. With 350 square metres each, these branches create a warm environment thanks to the use of wood and red and grey tones that are on the walls, rugs and furniture pieces such as Bend, a soft seating line that occupies open spaces and communication areas.




“Authorship News Credits by ACTIU”.