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Creative offices in the world furnished by Actiu (1/2)

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There are offices that are much more than simply somewhere to spend eight hours a day. They are inspiring spaces, designed with the people who use them in mind and created to spark imagination and creativity.

Interior designers are the architects of these spaces where the furniture, the aesthetics of the company and its image, must come together. Actiu has in recent years furnished environments around the world with this philosophy.




MCI Group, the Swiss offices of this events company

MCI works every day imagining the best possible event that can be made. They are image, public relations and representation professionals. One of its most important projects was organising the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, so its workers must be creative, organised, rigorous and collaborative.

That is why its offices promote work and communication, the exchange of ideas and the well-being of its employees.




Designed by Bloomint Design, it is a facility that attracts talent, because talent really wants to work here.




IQ Coworking: the creativity to attract talent

Coworking spaces are very popular now and they attract companies or freelancers by creating spaces that offer much more than just a desk and chair. Places to share, learn and relax. This is a global trend, as this coworking shows in Kazakhstan, furnished by Actiu with its partner Basire Design Group.

It is a space that aims for contact and communication between freelance professionals and consolidated companies to create synergies and points of collaboration, full of multi-purpose rooms and where they have even installed a relaxation space.




A sports stadium to work like athletes

If your company sells sports products, what better idea than to turn your offices (your best letter of introduction) into an Olympic stadium? And so communicate the values of effort, discipline and sporting attitude of a good sport. This is what Sportisimo did, a project in Prague, furnished by Actiu and led by CAPEXUS where movement, energy and sporting efficiency dominate each space in these unique offices.




Viokox: warmth and creativity are the secret

It's not always necessary to have big slides or rooms of floor mats for inspiring offices. The reliability, warmth of the materials and comfort can be key so that we are excited to go to work every day.

This is the essence of the Viokox offices, a cosmestics company from Valencia, which underwent a general refurbishment from VM Taller de Proyectos and Arqueha Arquitectos.




Dynamism, solidity, colour and new spaces for sharing and communicating better define these enviable 12,640 square-metre offices, which showcase a wide range of Actiu products.


Continue discovering creative offices.




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