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Creating safe collaborative spaces

Maintaining well-being by working as a team is essentia.

According to the new normality in offices, it is not only about adapting work areas to preserve the health of their users, but meeting areas and open spaces must also be readapted to make coexistence safer and benefit well-being.

Is it impossible to conceive a conference room that complies with the measures of distancing and antibacterial protection? The architects and designers most involved in the reconfiguration of spaces for the new normality have shown that it is not impossible, but it will not be something as easy as changing the furniture and nothing else.




As mentioned in previous posts, the mentality of users of collaborative spaces will also have to get used to a different way of behaving, maintaining a safe distance between their colleagues and avoiding sharing personal or work objects or, in any case, disinfecting them properly after using them.

It will be the mission of the company in question to promote care and good practices of collaboration in the use of furniture, materials and equipment, the time of use of these and the time to remain together. The spaces, on the other hand, will include more mobile equipment, support screens and more open areas, for example, especially if they are for meetings.




It is essential to keep the idea of ​​working in a team, regardless of the distance. Finding the formula to continue carrying out daily activities, fulfilling the objectives as a team, without neglecting the values ​​of working together, because these are the ones that remind us that the human heart and soul are sustained in unity.