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Creating awareness of well-being in the workplace

Tips for getting started

Now that many companies are preparing to return to the work routine that had been stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the perfect time to seriously consider a complete redecoration, thinking about the well-being and health of the employees who will be leaving the safety of their homes to once again fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities.

In these times, a company does not necessarily have to make a millionaire investment to get safe spaces for workers, but it cannot just think that it is a good idea to simply put a table with antibacterial and free facemasks next to the coffee machine.




Among the many ideas and options to consider a very special one is managing spaces with the philosophy of space created by Actiu, the Cool Working. This philosophy enhances autonomy and work flexibility through a collaborative work model that improves productivity. In addition to this, Cool Working also encompasses the use of space in the office, transforming these into dynamic areas in which to feel inspiration and creativity taking over the body and mind.

Of course, the furniture must also be readapted, without having to buy a whole catalog of new equipment; it will be enough to take into account ergonomic furniture, which favors both the movement and the comfort of the users. Highly recommended are the lifting chairs such as the ones from the Mobility, Power and Talent programs, which allow the user to alternate between working standing up and sitting down.