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Connecting space and people

GAIA of Actiu: Smart Sensors.

We are living in times of hyper-connectivity, and now that we live in automated homes, with services and shops that have updated their purchase modalities so that everything can be done online, the offices could not be left behind.


Can space know what its inhabitants feel? Inspired by this question and the GAIA hypothesis, Actiu has developed a system of intelligent sensors, which they have called the IoT platform and which allows connecting all the elements of space: light, temperature, and people who live in it. The GAIA hypothesis is a fairly successful assumption that proposes that the elements of the biosphere are capable of self-regulating to maintain the balance of the planet.




Actiu Gaia creates high-performance intelligent spaces through a system that transforms data into useful knowledge to save costs and improve the productivity, well-being, and health of people.


Some of the possibilities accessed through automatic control of the space are:


Intelligent workspaces development.

The balance between people and the environment.

Costs reduction.

Improvement of employee experience.

Efficiently increase of the energy.




This is how it works this new system:

GAIA collects data and converts it into knowledge.

Complete access to the platform from a mobile app (IOS and Android) for employees.


It allows understanding completely and easily what happens in each space to improve the experience of employees, optimize space and be more efficient.


Actiu has more than 50 years of experience generating solutions based on improving the well-being of people and their interaction with spaces, this experience is what has allowed them to create GAIA, and it is still expected to reach beyond, always at par of the most current trend.