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Breaks are necessary and extremely important

Studies Disapprove Prohibition of Breaks for Employees

We all deserve a good coffee break, even if we don't really drink it. Equity in terms of benefits and job welfare is a rule to be respected by all companies. While it is now almost impossible to find archaic bosses, who think themselves pharaohs commanding slaves, there are still cases in which some would-be-tyrants consider that their employees enjoy a good time of recreation and relaxation is unnecessary and a 'waste of money'.




As much as it can be hard to believe, prohibiting breaks is detrimental for any company. Having off-times such as coffee breaks, or simply a moment for people to stretch their legs, is necessary to improve employee performance. In fact, doctors and psychologists recommend taking more than one short break a day.

In the case of people who work sitting down, it very is advisable to get up every two hours and take a short walk in order to avoid lumbar problems. These breaks also help rest your eyes after spending hours in front of a screen. Of course, the necessity for these breaks will depend on the type of work being done.




Experts say that banning or sanctioning breaks can wreak havoc on employees who suffer from specific medical conditions such as diabetes, for which it is occasionally required to eat so as to avoid hypoglycemia.

It is more than a fact that breaks, whether or not related coffee, largely avoid employees to go on leave and can greatly improve their productivity.