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Workspace freedom or Hot Desking

The transformation of office space in 2022

Since before the Covid-19 pandemic came to transform all social spaces, the need to change the forms of interaction and collaboration to carry out daily activities more efficiently has inspired new forms of layouts and workspaces in offices.

The concept of hot-desking consists of setting aside traditional offices to include different work areas together. In itself, this model eliminates the personal workspace, and workers choose where to sit each day on a first-come, first-served basis, or through a job ‘reservation’ record a day or a few hours before the start of the day.



This new style of work began to be implemented before the pandemic, but it is currently on the rise because working from home has not been a dream come true for everyone, many miss or need the office, co-workers, their desk, or some personal habit that they had in the office. For some, working from home made it impossible to find comfort, concentration, or complete satisfaction.

Hot desking is also known as desk hoteling since this organizational model allows employees to reserve a specific position or workspace weeks or months in advance and for more than one day in a row. This system is more functional in hybrid offices, where the workflow goes from typical to flexible, the more modern the environment that supports the transformative nature of work, the better benefits are obtained from hot desking.



For those offices where employees do not go to work to meet hours on exact days, assigning an exclusive desk is unnecessary; the office would be wasting resources. Hot desking is the ideal solution to these circumstances.

3 benefits of hot desking for employees and offices:

  • Considerable increase in collaboration and productivity. With this system, employees change their work environment, which leads them to interact with other areas and people beyond their own work team.



  • Healthy and safe workspaces. Not having a fixed workstation helps to encourage more hygiene and care on the part of the employees towards the space they are occupying, since they will take into account that it is not a customizable area because others will also use it.
  • Balance between work and personal life. Arriving at the office having a space reservation generates in the employee a feeling of freedom and flexibility that will help them distance themselves from the daily routine, which benefits productivity. In addition, the days that correspond to working from home will be opportunities to share more with the family.