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Trends in Conference Spaces for 2023

Discover how to create more enjoyable and productive meetings

Conference rooms and conference areas are a key part of any office, you spend considerable time in them, plus they are the first place you bring clients, new talent, and anyone important you want to talk to.

Despite how essential the meeting and conference space is, it is often neglected because it is thought that a large table, several chairs, a screen, and a couple of photographs or paintings are enough to keep this space equipped, and The truth is that this is a big mistake in view of how easy it is to have a modern conference area. All it takes is a few technology upgrades and a new whiteboard to make meetings more efficient, enjoyable, and productive.



Conference and meeting areas can vary in size, but the general rule of thumb is that 8-10 people can fit comfortably. The configuration of a conference room can vary, but generally involves a rectangular table with chairs on all sides, there are meeting rooms that can incorporate school or classroom-type seating.

For this 2023 there are a wide variety of design options that are excellent ideas to get the most out of conference spaces.



LED video walls.

While these until recently meant a significant investment, it is now possible to purchase LED video walls of different sizes to fit any wall.

LED technology is a breakthrough compared to common projectors and monitors. Taking the conference area to a new level is more than possible thanks to the fact that with LED videos it is possible to show very vivid and high-quality colors and high-resolution images that look good at any angle. A special extra of this type of video projector is that LED video walls are energy efficient and low maintenance.



Interactive boards.

Interactive whiteboards are a breakthrough in conference whiteboard design. Combining interactive whiteboards with video conferencing platforms is a great way to expand your capabilities. This type of whiteboard allows more dynamism when making presentations.

With an interactive whiteboard, in addition to being combined with video platforms, you can display documents, photos, emails, record meetings, and do virtual collaborations with team members who are not physically present.




Although it was already an activity that has been present since we entered the technological era, without a doubt since the pandemic videoconferences have become part of the daily life of many companies and work for teams, that is why it is necessary to have a good screen to view those who are at a distance, good equipment (cameras, speakers, microphones, etc.), and good video and connection software.