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Why choose the ideal work chair

Tips to avoid common mistakes when choosing the task chair

For many years, the factor of well-being and comfort of employees was not considered with the necessary awareness, which is why many workers today suffer from body discomfort and different types of musculoskeletal discomfort. As is the bread to the wine, it is undeniable that the two key pieces of furniture for any office worker are the desk and the chair, and that an office worker spends a large part of his working day sitting.

Over the years, the design of office chairs has progressed, just as office equipment has generally evolved, becoming more flexible, ergonomic, and agile. From very basic and uncomfortable chairs, we have moved on to personalized chairs that adapt to the posture and movement of the body, in addition to the fact that there are different models according to the work activity that is carried out.



While the desk is a static piece of furniture, the chair is the only dynamic and adjustable element with which to ensure some physical comfort. The role of the chair is so important that the design and the posture assumed by the user while sitting has a special impact on the individual and their muscular health, as well as directly affecting productivity during work.

Today's furniture design studies the entire space, taking into account the needs of both the physical space and the well-being of users, current organizations differentiate the workspace based on the level of interaction with it, the equipment to use, and the time in front of the screen, etc. Therefore, acquiring the ideal chair is one of the key decisions to exploit the full potential of this and the employee.



Although work dynamics have evolved and changed over time, it is undeniable that a lot of time is still spent sitting in front of the computer, considerably reducing physical activity, and although many do not accept it, spending a lot of time sitting at the same position is generating an overload of stress in the lower back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Undeniably, spending up to 7 hours sitting in the same position considerably affects health.

Based on recent studies, the best solution to choose the most beneficial work chair for employees is to classify them by categories that make it easier to determine the characteristics with which the best chair will be selected for each one.



How to choose the right chair in 4 tips

  1. Go beyond comfort, style, looks, and durability. Considering the type of activities that will be carried out will be a great help in choosing the ideal chair.
  2. Choose a chair that adequately accommodates different postures, to benefit mobility.
  3. Select a chair that is comfortable for getting up and sitting down. As well as being stable enough, but at the same time flexible.
  4. That it is comfortable to allow work on computers, but that it is also beneficial when carrying out other types of activities at the desk.