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Tips for surviving working in the summer

The heat intensifies and work activities continue

Working during the summer can mean an extra discomfort that no one likes to have to experience, but adult life comes with responsibilities that are not always wanted but are unavoidable, so it is best to find a way to make it easier and more enjoyable.

The main disadvantage of working in the summer is the weather. Given that the temperature rises and it is impossible to change it, learning to stay hydrated and take care not to have too much trouble is the key to satisfying work days. In the case of working from home, with children on their summer vacations, the challenge increases with difficulty, but in this article, we will focus on advising employees without children or who do not live with them during the summer season.



Whether you work in the office, from home, or do hybrid work, the recommendations that you will read below are completely general and can apply to any type of shift.

The first step is very basic, and therefore essential: Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, not just if you feel like it and not just 2 liters of water as health experts suggest. Drinking water during the summer is key to maintaining energy and health throughout hot days, even if you work in an air-conditioned space.



Second, cut down on your caffeine intake a bit and eat light meals. Coffee may be a primary necessity for those who are not adapted to stabilizing work activities during the summer days, but the truth is that ingesting too much will only accelerate the dehydration of the body on hot days.

Third, dressing in a suit may not be the best decision. That doesn't mean that dressing like you're going to the beach is the right choice. The best way to dress appropriately in summer is to wear loose-fitting, brightly colored clothes that help the body's natural ventilation. A special tip is that if you have a hat to protect yourself from the sun, wear it, it is an easy way to keep cool.



Fourth, avoid work overload. Summer is the worst time of the year to want to impress bosses, avoid accepting more workload than necessary or work until dawn. The weather is not the friendliest even at night, and wanting to work more will only increase stress and fatigue.

Fifth, hygiene is key. To stabilize fresh nothing like being clean and fresh. Take advantage of the summer to take a couple of extra showers a day, an extra excuse to take a few minutes off and enjoy the feeling of the water on your body.