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Three key points in office decoration

Natural light, color and well-being are a whole.

Now that we are in a collective moment of change and transformation, many will doubt what they should change or adapt first, and now that we live in a clear moment of updating and reconsidering the distribution of equipment and decoration of a modern office, to know where to start, or what to prioritize, will be a question that many will want to be answered.

The first point is one that in recent years has been in a lot of emphases, and is the right use of natural light in spaces. Gone are forever the offices enclosed in concrete walls and spaces isolated from the outside world. The most common today are offices with glass instead of walls, or with large windows that allow access to sunlight and thus take care of the physical and mental health of employees.



Likewise, the most advisable thing is, in the case of now having the home office, that this area has access to natural light to avoid possible health problems, such as visual difficulties or neglect of motivation and inner energy.

Second point: the proper use of color. That color influences us positively or negatively emotionally is a fact, and it is essential to take it into account to create optimal workspaces creatively and productively speaking.



It is proven that dark colors, such as black and shades of greys, are not the best to encourage motivation, at least these combined colors are not. Similarly, using only primary colors, such as yellow or red, is not ideal for promoting peace and calm. Therefore, combining dark tones with bright tones, mixing them or better yet, using pastel tones with white, will be the smart way to create spaces in which the full potential, both of the space and of the people involved in it, will be exposed.

The third and last point is a bit more general and consists of creating both modern and healthy spaces. Although this may sound like something in which you have to invest large amounts of money, the truth is that today, all the possibilities allow you to design innovative spaces where a considerable financial expense is not required.



Elements such as temperature, humidity, lighting, and other physical, biological, comfort, and ergonomic factors, make up what is known as a living space, and all these elements implemented correctly can determine the health of a person widely.

In future posts we will be expanding more on this third point, studying in more depth the development of modern and sustainable spaces simply and effectively.