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Three key mistakes in office decoration

Simple details that will help improve functionality.

When designing a building or office, it is common to sort out everything that you will be taken into account, but in very few cases the aspects that should be avoided are usually considered, these are usually elements that are overlooked and that, sometimes, can negatively affect staff performance in the office and transform into a long-term load.

A workspace should encourage creativity and communication between people, where they feel comfortable and at the same time motivated to give the maximum every day. Achieving this space is a complicated task, but of course, never impossible.

  1. Forget the space for storage. This is more common than what is thought, get excited when decorating the office and forget about adequately analyzing the storage needs that will be necessary, which results in later not having where to put the material that will be generated daily.



Solution: Consider leaving drawers at work tables and cabinets to save documents. Everything must be ordered in such a way that it is easy to find at the moment and that it remains in good condition.

  1. Attention to the cables. The cables are from the most common elements in an office, in addition to paper, and it will be inevitable that there are always cables on the floor or tables, both for safety and aesthetics, solutions must be thought so that they can not be seen and assembled.

Solution: Implement gutters and false funds to organize them. It is important to remember for the planning of each workspace the wiring organization.



  1. Think about what you want to convey. Current offices are not just a cluster of tables, chairs, cabinets and computers. The image they transmit must be consistent with the philosophy of the company and transmit that message to workers, visitors and customers. Taking care of the details is important to achieve the aesthetics that best suits the company.

Solution: Aiming by simplicity will always give better results. For furniture and design of spaces, going for the soberest and simple options can turn into a real profit.

Good planning of the office will always go in favor of all the elements, creating the right climate for work while enhancing creativity and benefits the physical and mental health of employees, essential for the improvement of productivity and efficiency.