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Inspire the team with a positive office design

Motivating and encouraging employees

In these times, mental and emotional health is increasingly important, so companies must reflect: what comes first, a successful company or a great company culture?

The best-known modern super companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, are based on the firm belief in the importance of the value of inspiring employees by prioritizing a positive work environment.



Employees of the generations that most populate today's companies, Millennials (1981 - 1996) and Gen Z (1995 - 2000), seek more than job stability, competitive salaries, flexibility, and benefits to commit and remain loyal to a company. They are motivated by a sense of shared values in a purposeful work environment. They need to have a strong sense of contribution to the “big picture” in order to do their best. Recognizing the importance of mental health support, work-life balance, inclusion and equity, and welcoming spaces go a long way to recruiting and retaining the desired workforce.

Think of positive messaging and design opportunities to highlight team members (and not just for performance metrics!) and foster community across teams at all levels of their structure.



Creating a visually appealing, inclusive, and welcoming workspace is a relatively simple way to reinforce the positive company culture that has been (or is being) built. Look at the walls and open spaces of your building for opportunities to cultivate community, highlight team members, and inspire employees using brand-enhancing colors and imagery.

When it comes to establishing welcoming spaces, here are a few ideas you can implement to bring positivity to the physical space’s employees occupy:

  • Walls of gratitude.
  • Wall decals with inspirational messages and quotes.
  • Custom printed acoustic products.


For example, gratitude walls are freestanding installations, wall decals, and large-format prints can help create a gratitude wall for the workspace. Give employees sticky notes or whiteboard markers and allow them to be creative, the possibilities are endless.

The above ideas are just the beginning of a wide variety of options for creating more inspiring spaces for employees. It is a key time for organizations to seek to create and drive positive visual messages in the workplace that are not only attractive and captivating, but also functional and effective in improving the environment and productivity of the company.