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Offices Furnished by Actiu 2/2 (2021 edition)

Actiu News.

Actiu is still furnishing offices all over the world. Versatile and flexible spaces, with a wide range of solutions to respond to the needs of each company, team and worker, where functionality is combined with a meticulously-designed aesthetic and great levels of comfort. Unique spaces that, inspired by art and a deep respect for nature, boost the well-being and creativity of their occupants.



Avito, dynamic offices and with endless possibilities

The Sales Department at Avito, the Russian online classified advertising platform for buying and selling any type of product, has a new revamped image designed by ABD Architects. The history, culture and ambiance of the 60s and 70s, with its significant discoveries, scientific advances and emergence of the first start-ups, inspire a space that occupies the eighth floor and part of the ninth floor of Avito's headquarters in Saint Petersburg.



Actiu, together with its partner in Russia, LLC Statio Project, furnished this new space. A flexible environment with a wide variety of working options, which adapts to the needs of its employees and reflects the culture, business processes and lifestyle of a modern and active company.

T-Mobile, freedom of movement at work

T-Mobile, now the largest Czech telecommunications operator, has transformed its former offices in Prague. Actiu, and its partner in the Czech Republic, CAPEXUS, were part of a project that completely reinvented the character of the original workplace.



Designed to respond to T-Mobile's work philosophy and new working models alike, the offices replace small enclosed rooms with a single open-plan area, zoned through elements that act as acoustic and visual dividers. Combining open-space and zoning, the new headquarters recreates a modern environment that fosters collaboration, flexibility and agility, while reflecting the company's cultural change.



Tpartner Network Services, from industrial loft to tech company offices

The Rosa Colet interior design studio in Barcelona was entrusted with refurbishing an old industrial loft that has been converted into the new offices of the technology company, Tpartner Network Services. This space, which over time has gone from being a factory to a home, has now been turned into a working environment in which work and socialising areas have been defined and furnished with Actiu furniture with a view to improving its versatility.



The space, with more than 300 square metres of office space, can accommodate up to 50 people. Inside, differentiated areas have been created, preserving the amplitude and visual continuity in terms of materials and colours, combined with plant elements that integrate the biophilic design into the workspace, as well as drawings by the illustrator, Mar Torrano. The high ceilings and skylights on the roof filter the light while the adjacent terrace fosters coexistence and enjoying the outdoors.



Teamwork in a Research Clinic in Warsaw

To stand out in the highly-competitive and tough clinical research industry, this Swiss company, with offices all over the world, is committed to providing its employees with the best working experience so that they, in turn, can offer the best service to their clients. Its clear and functional work philosophy, based on direct communication, resulted in a design with clean, open shapes, minimalist colours and exposed installations in its new offices in Warsaw.

The company turned to Actiu, who it has already worked with in the past, to furnish a space that includes private offices for between one and six employees, flexible workstations and meeting, exchange and cooperation areas where the company's firm commitment to teamwork and collective mentality come to life.



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