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The perfect workspace of 2022

Discovering the milestones in Office Design

After the last few years of changes and transformations in the workspace, remote work and the inclusion of hybrid work, the demands for physical and digital aspects have increased more than ever in offices.

2022 was a year of testing alternatives and taking on the necessary transformations to retain talent and improve the overall employee experience. The conclusions that have been reached after studying what employees want and need from physical workspaces are:

  1. Outdoor spaces and access of natural light.
  2. Adjustable temperature system.
  3. Improvement and supervision of air quality.
  4. Areas for rest, relaxation, and disconnection.
  5. Ergonomic furniture.
  6. Gyms and physical training spaces.



Caring about the well-being of employees is one of the keys to improving performance in workspaces, but this does not mean that what employees want are yoga classes, spa days or smoothie machines inside the offices. Looking after the well-being of employees means taking meaningful steps and prioritizing your most important asset: your people.

Why delivering a quality employee experience is essential

The competitiveness for retaining the best talent in each area of work has greatly increased in recent years. Demonstrating that you can offer a positive work experience that is superior to others has become a priority in recent years, and in order to successfully assume the new forms of hybrid work it is essential to consider the following elements:



  • Human element: The people and employees within the business.
  • Physical element: The space and work facilities.
  • Digital element: The technology and tools that enable the connection between humans (such as online communication).

Sustainable Element: The sustainable decisions that underpin the business vision, strategies, and results.

To understand how to integrate all these elements and turn the workspace into the perfect one to start 2023, a good decision is to go to a place that specialized in them. Ofimueble has a wide range of furniture perfect for flexible, modern, and comfortable solutions that allow you to create different spaces and work areas, according to each preference and activity.