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The office as an inspiring and creative space

Design that benefits the creativity of talents.

The most current design trends focus on the physical and mental well-being of employees as a priority, especially now that the return to the offices is a reality. In addition to ensuring well-being, another of the current key points is to encourage creativity and achieve a 100% productive workspace.

Although this would change depending on the company in question, the truth is that each person experiences a different creative process, so talking about designing workspaces according to the personality of the talents that cohabit in the company is not such a utopian proposal, as it would have seemed about 10 or 20 years ago.



When it comes to decorating and furnishing office spaces, thinking of each environment for a creatively optimal company can be a bit excessive, but having one where you can talk and exchange ideas freely and without interrupting other, as well as one for isolation and total focus, will generate a great change towards the modern company model.

Actiu is a company that has always sought the best for its employees, clients, and spaces. Because of the urgent need to create multifunctional and beneficial spaces for the physical and mental health of the human being, as well as the concern for the care of the planet and the environment, it has developed the Gaia IoT platform, which studies workspaces to make them more organized, sustainable and balanced.



Through constant studies on the optimization of workspaces, it was discovered that it is not just about designing places, it is more a vision of improving work environments through the corporative culture of each company.

Encouraging collaboration between co-workers is one of the key points. Today's office does not separate or divide employees according to their departments, perhaps to carry out their work activities, but not avoid their communal interaction. Encouraging this type of relationship is excellent for the exchange of ideas and socialization, allowing employees to help each other, and promoting innovation healthily and naturally.



However, while socialization is an excellent incentive for the development of ideas, the need for privacy to produce without distractions is the balance that cannot be missed. It is a fact that work interruptions occur between 10 to 15 minutes on a daily average, and recovering concentration can take 20 to 30 minutes per person. Therefore, a space that is completely private and that controls the sound of outside noises is an endless source of creativity.

Creativity is a fundamental part of the human being, everyone has a way of expressing it in a different way, but it is an innate part of each one. Learning to cultivate and exploit it can make a big difference for a company, even more so today where talent is valued as an intrinsic part of productivity.