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The height that a worktable should have

And some vital tips for a perfect desk choice.

Wherever it is located, the worktable is always the main axis of productivity, knowing how to adjust it to the needs of each person and space is of the utmost importance to get the most out of work.

The fundamental elements of any desk are a light design, versatility, functionality, colors, and one of the utmost importance but that is often overlooked: height. It is common for desks to have a fixed height that goes according to the general anatomy of an adult human, but today it is known that having how to adjust the height is the key to maintaining good posture and avoiding health problems.



Today the most popular and recommended office tables allow you to adjust the desired height through an electrical mechanism, what is the reason for this? Encourage change of posture. Gone are the days when spending the whole day sitting at the desk in the same position was the day-to-day routine. With an adjustable desk, creativity is stimulated and the problems derived from maintaining a bad posture for long periods are reduced.

Ideal measurements for an office table

A basic office table has the premise that all the elements necessary to carry out your working day must fit on it.

The measurements of the board must be a minimum of 80 x 120 cm. In case of working with a computer, it should be located between 5 cm and 10 cm from the edge of the table, to benefit from the support of the arms.



The most recommended adjustable height for a table ranges from 74 cm to 104 cm; this height promotes and benefits sitting and standing work. If you have a home office and you do not have an adjustable desk, it is best to raise it between 70 cm and 74 cm from the ground. With these measures, you want to work comfortably without straining your neck or back.

The last factor that influences the measurements of the worktable is mobility. The best thing is to be able to leave a space of 60 cm deep at the level of the knees and 80 cm for the feet, in order to be able to move the legs and change position easily.



Working with the ideal height of a table comes with multiple advantages related to maintaining good posture such as improving breathing, concentration and reducing the risk of injury. A height-adjustable desk will reduce a sedentary lifestyle by constantly changing your posture. In addition, you will also improve your productivity time while reducing fatigue, reducing back and neck pain that a bad working position usually causes.