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The domestication of workspaces

Operative furniture is the safe bet in 2022.

The space revolution that unleashed the 2019 pandemic is still alive today and while many workers adapted their homes into suitable workspaces during the days of quarantine and isolation. Now that the return to the workplace is imminent, many companies have assumed the remodeling and changes in decoration needed to adapt these to the current social isolation and frequent disinfestation of spaces that we live.

Many companies and workplaces today have adopted new ways to strengthen the protection of employees’ health, helping to ensure that work is done safely.



Currently, the distribution of office space must help encourage healthy behaviors and make the talents in it feel protected and comfortable when they return to their jobs. For many, these new work modalities implemented because of the pandemic will be completely new, but the hybrid office is the present and future of a truly pro-employee work environment, where productivity and creativity are the order of the day.

This is where the domestication of workspaces with operative furniture comes in, because just as employees had to adapt their homes to the office, now it is the turn of offices to assimilate the comfort and safety of home. To achieve it, this 2022 wants to bet on functional and minimalist decoration.



The operative furniture is the key to a truly productive workspace, it must be comfortable and pleasant, given that employees spend many hours of their lives in it, and it is a reality that the environment that surrounds us has an impact on a worker’s mood and energy. Carefully analyzing the layout of the furniture, the colors and the materials to be used will be very beneficial for the company and the employees, reducing the impact of the change from remote work to the office.

At Ofimueble we have a large number of operational furniture options, adaptable to all types of environments, offices, and people. Do you need to update or improve your spaces? Discover our wide catalog of products with dynamic furniture solutions that allow you to create different work environments according to each preference and activity.