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Technology and sustainability for the hotels

Actiu News.

The traditional premise of a hotel as a space that is just for accommodation and restaurants has been evolving for years, adapting to the needs of visitors. The pace of this transformation has increased in recent times.

The exclusive function of a space to rest at the end of the day and eat breakfast the next morning has given way to new needs that force these establishments to adapt to new times, and to incorporate new services and solutions.



A hotel room is not just a space for resting, it can be a place to write a report, or to hold a video conference; the lobby can host a business meeting or product launch, and a coffee break can be the ideal time to respond to a long list of unread emails.



Faced with changing ways of life that will continue to evolve, spaces cannot remain frozen in time. On the contrary, they require a multifunctional design, which considers the new normal, and furnishings that boast innovation, dynamism, and comfort. As a result, they can provide well-being and functionality to their users, regardless of the task or the time of day.



Keeping in mind this new versatility required by hotels, Actiu has presented its proposals for the hospitality sector at #techYhotel, located at FITURTECHY, a space dedicated to technology and tourism organised by FITUR and the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH).

Actiu has put together furniture solutions for three different spaces: a lobby, a restaurant area, and a workspace within a hotel room. Three complementary proposals for a new hotel model that is committed to innovation, technology, and sustainability.



A lobby that provides new experiences and promotes social interaction with solutions such as the iconic Badminton lounge seating by ITEMdesignworks. Restaurant areas that offer multiple environments thanks to multifunctional furniture, which allows the personality of each establishment to be enhanced whilst guaranteeing comfort and durability.

Among them is Fluit, the 100% sustainable Mediterranean chair designed by Archirivolto Design; the vintage Wing chair, and armchairs and tables from the Longo collection by Ramos&Bassols. This hotel room, in addition to being a space for relaxing, incorporates functional work furniture such as the TNK Flex chair and the Talent height-adjustable table by Alegre Design, that doesn't require an electrical connection.



Comfortable and functional, furniture defines environments and, thanks to integrated technology, sometimes even enhances the dynamic character of multifunctional spaces, which provide added value to hotel users.

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