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Multi-purpose table for workspaces

Actiu News.

Talent's design seeks to foster talent in work and training spaces, regardless of where they are located; whether in a traditional office, home office or in new hybrid third spaces, which blur the boundaries between the different uses.

Height-adjustable, foldable and mobile, Talent has established itself as a European benchmark product in the wake of its nomination at the DesignEuropa Awards 2021, organised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).



Talent's nomination, designed by Alegre Design, was a milestone for this table range, as, among the nominees in the Industrial category, it was the only Spanish design and the only furniture solution to be shortlisted.




“We are extremely proud that Talent's design and qualities have been recognised by EUIPO. We would like to thank them for this nomination and underline the importance of design and its intellectual property at a time when the transformative power of design is becoming increasingly recognised internationally. We would also like to congratulate the winners for their innovations”, said Vince Berbegal, Actiu's International Executive Business Manager, who attended the award ceremony in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).



The entire range has been conceived, designed and manufactured to foster collaboration and learning, with comfort at the heart thereof. As it is height-adjustable, it allows users to work either standing up or sitting down. Alternating the position of the body at different times is a way to look after people's physical well-being.

“We know that movement encourages creativity and improves productivity. With Talent, we are committed to fostering the culture of ergonomics by providing the best professional furniture for any space thanks to how versatile it is”, said Soledat Berbegal, Actiu Counsellor and Brand Reputation Director.



“At the time, Talent anticipated future trends that have now become widespread, such as the constant use of technologies and agile teaching and learning methodologies. Talent was designed to favour the movement of the body, to be used standing up and sitting down, as well as to facilitate project presentations”, states the designer, Marcelo Alegre.



TALENT Created to create

Talent's technical innovation lies in its regulation system, which is cable-free. A push button activates the gas piston that subtly and smoothly adjusts the surface upwards or downwards, allowing the user to choose the height. Its quality and safety have been awarded the German GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit) certification.



Among the Actiu solutions designed to encourage movement, Talent also enhances ergonomics and versatility, making it functional in all types of spaces. Thanks to its design and characteristics, the table responds to spaces that require furniture that is easily movable, quick to store away, comfortable and height-adjustable to foster collaboration and presentations, by means of a writable surface in its folded position.

Directed by Actiu.