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Taking care of health through materials

Actiu News.

Occupational health has become an essential aspect for any company which can be achieved with the layout of the space, the type of furniture, as well as the materials that are used in the workplace and communal areas.



Health is physical and emotional well-being, and companies need to take care of their team and the users of their spaces because people must always be at the heart of any design strategy. From this constant pursuit of well-being comes the research and innovation in materials.



In line with the new requirements concerning hygiene and cleanliness in shared spaces, together with the needs for sustainability, Actiu is incorporating options into its fabrics that come from recycled plastic bottles, as well as others that reduce the concentration of the virus. In the latter case, anti-bacterial fabrics that guarantee a disease-free environment and, in turn, offer protection against stains and wear and tear.

More specifically, the Valencia fabrics collection from the brand Spradling®, which can incorporate ranges of Actiu's high-performance soft seating, multi-purpose seating, as well as task seating, is covered in Permablok3®, a protector developed to create a strong and effective barrier.



This coating ensures that a low concentration of germs is maintained as well as avoiding the proliferation of fungus and mould which can cause allergic reactions on the skin. With regard to the virucidal action of the Coronavirus, with the ISO 18184 certification it ensures that its presence is lowered by more than 90% during the first hour of contact, and with the ISO 21702 certification, that the virus' action is lowered by 99.9% during the first 24 hours of exposure on the surface.



All of this has been tested using material exposed to a Coronavirus with a similar structure and mechanism as SARS-Cov2, according to studies carried out by Spradling®. It also ensures that upholstered surfaces are free from bacteria by way of the ISO 22196 certification.



Besides its anti-germ power, this technical solution is also easy to clean using just a wet cloth and neutral soap. This way, the upholstered surfaces last longer and are more resistant.



This is a proposal which equates to Actiu's lasting commitment to incorporating innovative fabrics into its vocation to create comfortable, safe work spaces that will boost efficiency and people's talent.

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