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Study space 101: the chair and its location

Tips to get the most out of study time.

What is the ideal place to locate the study chair?

The position of the chair depends entirely on where the desk or study table is located. If the study area is a room intended for various uses, it is best to place the table and chair in a corner, to delimit the space with a carpet and create the effect of an area division between spaces, this will benefit the capacity to focus since you get a sensation that you are in an assigned space for studying.

If, on the other hand, it is a room intended exclusively for studying, locating the desk and chair near the source of natural light is the ideal option. In this way, you will save not only electricity, but it will also help the mind to feel more motivated and focused.



Important tip: It is recommended that the chair be placed at a suitable height to the table, in such a way that the elbow forms a ninety-degree angle and the hands rest comfortably on the desk.

Another point to keep in mind when choosing a chair for the study is to allow yourself to play with its color and fabric, to create an effect of harmony in the space. Keep in mind that the color of the chair will be the accent in the design of the room.



The most beneficial colors for satisfactory study days are neutral tones such as white, gray, and even the range of beige. These types of colors provide sobriety and elegance, in addition to combining very well with any type of decoration, making them a friendly economic option.

On the other hand, if you want to be unique and personal, combine bright colors such as mustard or turquoise with a white frame, transforming the chair into an original piece that transmits positivity and creativity.



As for fabrics, study chairs upholstered in fabric or mesh are the best option. The fabric upholstered seats offer greater resistance to wear, while the mesh upholstery is lighter and easier to clean. In our Actiu catalog, you will find a couple of options in chairs that are a sure fit: Trim and Stay.