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Spatial priorities for the benefit of health

Job ecosystem that makes an impact.

In past posts, we talked about how temperature, humidity, and lighting, as well as other physical and biological factors, directly affect the creation of modern and sustainable spaces, because these elements, together with comfort and ergonomics, can directly affect the health of people.

An example of a place that has all the characteristics of the perfect optimization of workspaces is the corporate headquarters of the Actiu Technology Park in Castalla (Spain), with its Well v2 Platinum certification, being also the first industrial building in the world to add two world-renowned certifications: Leed and Well Platino.



The Well certification follows a philosophy that highlights the importance of creating workspaces that promote well-being and that go further, until transferring this experience to the client, being that through its own experience and flexible, sustainable, and healthy products it generates an absolute transformation of workspaces.

In the same way that the Actiu Technology Park in Castalla reached such a level, this is something that any space available can achieve, as long as the correct objective is followed. In the past, it was believed that the more hours of work were done, the better the society, the economy, and the general well-being would develop. Today it is known that enslaving employees to their jobs generate everything but profits.



Current studies focus on how space, furniture, climate, lighting directly influence the concentration and productivity of employees, and the better conditions are given, the better for company statistics.

Actiu, always one step ahead of how the space revolution can increase the benefits and positive results of employees and companies, has developed a list of 10 priorities when creating and adapting to new space configurations:



  1. List the needs of the employees.
  2. Optimize space as much as possible.
  3. Define the wanted style.
  4. Create the ideal environment.
  5. Empower the team.
  6. Encourage talent.
  7. Change when necessary.
  8. Cause productive encounters.
  9. Welcome flexibility.
  10. Enjoy wellness.