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Sound control technology in the office

Discover the best option to optimize the sound

Sound has always been an implicit part of work areas. Whether in a sparsely crowded office or in the office of a very large company, sounds are everywhere: doors opening and closing, keyboard typing, telephones ringing, the murmur of voices in the corridors, and the clatter of shoes; There are endless sounds in an office and for a large part of the workers the sounds can be a great source of distractions and even an impediment to achieving their activities in the most optimal way.

On top of this, new ways of working like Agile and activity-based modality for open workspaces can be very successful in increasing productivity and overall well-being of employees, but can certainly be counterproductive for those who need more concentration, having private conversations, or who prefer to work in closed environments, similar to what it would be to work from home.



It is known that in the last 3 years, solutions for new work’s modalities needs that have arisen due to both the past pandemic and the new generations of workers have prevailed. Among the most useful solutions is a furniture update, these are the partitions and acoustic panels, which have now been worked on to find sound-absorbing panels.

A state-of-the-art workspace looks good, but it also needs to sound good. Sound improvement panels have become a key part of today's offices, especially those of the open type, and more than a tool, today they are also part of the decoration due to their wide variety of options. The most modern sound-absorbing panels can improve the environment in general, promoting a healthy and efficient environment at work, in classrooms, or in any space.



Undoubtedly, acoustic technology is one of the least taken into account when it comes to improving and updating workspaces. This is a big mistake, as we explained above when mentioning the many sounds that coexist in work areas.

Not having control over the noise level in both open and closed spaces are a source of stress, frustration, fatigue, and distraction, making sound absorption key in any space that wants to be successful and productive. Sound-absorbing panels use smooth, air-capturing surfaces to absorb higher-frequency sound in the space, promoting a more comfortable and much more satisfying environment.



In accordance with the most current fashions, it is known that sustainability is also one of the main factors in the most modern offices, which is why there are also sustainable sound panels as an ecological and highly customizable option. The best thing about the panels is their ease of installation and configuration since most of them do not require any previous infrastructure to support themselves. In addition, the customization capacity of current acoustic panels is almost infinite, being possible to display images of all kinds, brands, texts, or logos, as well as combine the panel with preferred colors.

Thinking a lot about the money investment is pointless, after all, focused and calm employees are the ones who will be able to carry out a more satisfying and beneficial job for the company.