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Reception counters trendsand designs for this 2023

A well-designed reception area will make a big impression

From visual appeal and comfort to functionality and technology, an effective reception desk should be welcoming and set the tone for your business. The anchor for a useful and aesthetically pleasing reception area design is the reception desk.

Why is a good reception desk design important?

The line, 'You'll never get a second chance to make a great first impression' is so famous for a reason. It is inevitable that a conscious and unconscious opinion is generated when we enter a new space, and the reception area of a company is often the first stop for a visitor. An effective reception desk design is both welcoming and comforting and can set the tone for how guests respond to their visit to the business.



How do you know how to choose an effective reception desk design?

A lot of thought goes into how the company expresses its mission and culture, especially when it comes to messaging and marketing. Let's apply that same strategy to the design of the counter for the reception. The reception desk should reflect the aesthetics of the brand. What words come to mind when thinking about it: elegant, warm, rustic, classic?

The reception area, apart from looking fantastic, can be a welcome desk, a customer service center, or an administrative center and should be designed accordingly. The combination of form and utility allows office staff to multitask by supporting workflows and making them appear simple to visitors.



Depending on the nature of your business, front desk staff will be constantly welcoming visitors, taking calls, booking appointments, processing payments, offering customer service, or performing other administrative tasks. Therefore, the reception area is one with commercial space and the desk can serve as a workstation.

The front desk gives outsiders their first glimpse of your corporate culture. When choosing furniture, consider alternatives to a traditional desk and chair. Counters with stools will give a more elegant feel, clusters of high tables for mobile front desk workers, or a comfortable sofa for an informal welcome.



5 trends and design ideas for reception desks

Not every idea will work for every business, and not every trend will give a space enduring appeal, but there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from what's hot right now. The idea is to choose the one that best adheres to the brand and style of the company:


Incorporate plants, greenery, and water features into the design of the reception area to bring a bit of the outdoors in. A natural element will help keep the air fresh and clean and provides a relaxing environment.

Natural light.

It is best to choose a translucent decorative glass film for privacy on exterior glass without sacrificing natural light. Natural light makes spaces feel larger and more open.



Incorporate color

Bold colors and patterns draw attention. Explore which colors will best enhance the feelings you want to convey to employees and visitors.

Implement the technology

Wireless charging guest tables offer comfort and convenience. An LED wall or screen behind the reception desk can welcome visitors, offer directions, provide infotainment, and convey corporate messages.



Create comfortable and welcoming spaces

The idea is to show employees and visitors that the company values a unique and pleasant reception area to give them the best of welcomes. It's key to keep accessibility in mind and create a design that meets everyone's needs.