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PANTONE and the color of 2022: 3938 Very Peri

Bold and imaginative, Very Peri pushes creativity to the limit.

Transformation is the keyword that marked 2021 for more than one. And now that 2022 is more than ready to surprise us, being prepared is what we must first bear in mind.

Changes are usually unexpected and not always welcome, but now that we are experiencing endless of these in the world, showing a confident and carefree attitude, in addition to keeping curiosity and imagination active, can be of great help to get the most out of every new situation that life presents.



With a creative, inquisitive, and intriguing spirit, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri arrives to help us welcome more easily a world full of altered landscapes, full of new possibilities, allowing us to expand our vision as we take on each new challenge.

Very Peri comes as a symbol of the global era that we live in our current day. After a long period of isolation, where our lives were mixed with the digital and almost merging with reality, we have discovered a great number of new perspectives of life, work, and coexistence, which without the global pandemic, probably, would have taken a couple of generations more so that the world will become flexible as it is right now in the last dawns of 2021.



PANTONE Very Peri exposes the fusion of modern life in correspondence with color trends in the digital world and how they manifest together in the physical world and vice versa.

Looking at this multifaceted color, you may be thinking, but what color is it exactly?  3839 Very Peri, like the world today, does not lend itself to labels, and while it delves into the family of blue colors, at the same time it can have a purplish red, lilac, purple and pink hue. Very Peri exhibits a cheerful and lively character, with a dynamic presence that encourages creation and creativity.



After the two colors of last year (Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow) represented the light at the end of the tunnel lived throughout 2020, this purple tone is a surprise, one more among all the surprises experienced in the last 2 years, but with a more pleasant taste in the mouth.

We live in a time where we all want to feel something new that excites us, and PANTONE 17-3839 Very Peri is a combination of hues that came to inspire life, energy and excitement.