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Office entrances that make an impression

The entrances and receptions can be a turning point for visitors

Have you ever thought about what the entrance to your office says about your company and its culture? When customers, prospective employees, visitors, and staff walk in, what do they see, hear, and experience? Are employees warmly received and do they feel motivated and empowered? Or do they walk into a generic reception area that feels heavy and devoid of positive energy?

One entry, in particular, can introduce a company's narrative. These can reflect values such as inclusion; work styles, flexibility; or simply that this company is a place where people are proud to work.


The entrance will be the first impression of everyone who visits the company, and first impressions in business are very important. If a prospective client or promising employee candidate is visiting your company for the first time, ideally they should feel welcome when they walk into the office.

Some tips to take into account when decorating the company entrance are:

Make it clear where the company is located. Without needing to spend a lot of money on signage, the idea is to make sure there are signs or billboards that are visible enough for visitors to see as they approach.

Keep everything clean and tidy. The entrance to the office should look presentable, ideally ensure that the entrance is cleaned regularly and any damaged/outdated decorations are replaced. It would also be a good idea to ban smoking just outside the entrance to prevent the potential accumulation of cigarette butts on the floor.



Attention to safety. While it's important to make your office welcoming to the right people, precautions must be taken against potential thieves and vandals. Ideally, all office buildings should have an alarmed entrance door. Additional security measures, such as CCTV cameras, can help deter crime, as well as make visitors and employees feel calm and secure.

Protection from the elements. Taking into account the climate of where the office is located is an excellent way to know what you will need to optimize the space at the entrance. A good concrete and drainage service will help prevent puddles on the floor and footprints inside the office. There are many measures that can be taken into account according to the climate of the place, such as adding double doors to prevent wind and rain from entering; place sand to avoid the formation of ice.



Make the reception hall a welcoming space. Once visitors are inside the building, there should be a reception or waiting room for them. If the office has a reception hall, it is important that this space feels welcoming. Cheap and uncomfortable chairs are not enough. If there is space, considering adding sofas and coffee tables is almost a must. When decorating the walls, consider using calming colors and soft shapes to make people feel comfortable. Thinking about biophilic designs is a great idea to give a green touch of joy and life to the space.