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Office Design Trends for 2023 and how to apply

The second part of what you need to know

There is so much talking about annual trends but few explain how to apply them to the space. On this occasion we will continue talking about the most popular design and infrastructure recommendations for this New Year, explaining how to integrate them with the needs and characteristics of your brand or company in an accessible and effective way.

  • Maximizing the use of natural light.

The use of natural light is a key part of any avant-garde workspace since it is more than proven that natural light has a positive effect on employees, making them feel more rested and positive throughout the day. Having access to natural light also helps the space look bigger, making a good impression on visitors.



Some quick tips for increasing natural light indoors are:

- Use partitions or dividers (currently an excellent option is smart glass panels) that can be adjusted from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button. This is a simple way to change artificial walls or cubicles.

- Keeping the lines of furniture clean and selecting minimalist furniture helps the light reach all corners of the office.



- Reflective surfaces maximize the impact of natural light. Glossy finishes, mirrors, and pale colors help enhance and increase the effect of natural light.

  • Decoration for walls in giant formats.

A novelty of the New Year is the modality of decoration with giant graphics for walls. The walls in general are a perfect opportunity for office interior design to showcase the culture, mission, vision, corporate values, and more, without writing a single word. Billboards are versatile and great for short- and long-term messages.



Decoration with giant graphics can be:

- Geographical maps of local or regional places.

- Signage and branding.

- Decals.

- Inspirational quotes.

- Guidance and coaching phrases.

Whether it is a new business, renovation, or redecoration, achieving an interior design that adapts to the brand and the vision reinforces the final investment, which is the main objective to be met. The end result of an excellent interior design of the workspace is that it will have a great overall impact, positively affecting everything from productivity to attracting and retaining clients.