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Office Design Trends for 2023

The first part of two that we recommend you review

After almost 4 years of radical changes in office design around the world, 2023 is set to be a settling year for the work and design cultures that have been evolving as a result of the return to the office and the implementation of hybrid work.

It is common for trend lists to show a series of furniture or to recommend furniture and styles without really explaining how to integrate them with the needs and characteristics of your brand or company, so this time you will find specifications on how to adapt the trends to your spaces. with simple solutions.



The most popular current trend is open-plan offices, but there must be a balance between open-space work areas and work areas that benefit from privacy and silence if necessary. After all, some jobs are best done behind closed doors, while others benefit from the heated energy of teamwork.

Having adjustable furniture is a great idea to have more control over the space in an open environment, a good example are tables with adjustable height to be able to switch between standing and sitting work, in this way even employees in wheelchairs can comply with their work with much more accessibility.



It is important to remember that although open spaces are in the mode, there are meetings, calls, and activities that require a certain degree of privacy to be carried out. A simple way to transform the space is with frosted glass paper walls or a sliding door, as well as dividers and 3/4 partitions.

  1. Solutions to improve acoustics and absorb sound.

Also due to the use of open spaces, sound absorption solutions are a must if productive employees are to be expected. Sound absorption is an approach to controlling sound in spaces with soft materials and surfaces to absorb sound waves and ambient noise.



In an office, there is no shortage of telephones ringing, the clicking of keyboards, the sound of printers, conversations between employees, and many more sounds that directly affect concentration and work performance. The sound quality in your office is key to success.

Currently, there are many modern sound management products that improve the interior design of offices depending on the type of acoustic solution that is decided to apply. Some products muffle or mask sound to give the work team a relaxed space where creativity can breathe. Today there are proposals for sound absorption that allow you to play with the visual aesthetics of spaces.



On the next occasion, we will continue talking about the most famous for this 2023 in interior design for offices and how to apply/adapt it to your spaces.