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Office design that fits each personality

The perfect office for every type of person.

Gone are the office design where it was the employee who adapted to the spaces, in the current century it is known that there is a wide range of types of people and personalities and that knowing them better can take much more advantage of each talent, generating better benefits for the company.

Modern companies aiming for future success place great emphasis on creating more flexible and functional workspaces so that company talents can feel comfortable and exploit their skills to the fullest. Studies have shown that the environment and work climate affect cognitive functions, recognizing that employees perform according to the space in which they are.



As the WELL certification (scoring system for buildings evaluation that cares about the well-being of its occupants) has shown, every day the demands on the designs of workplaces grow, being that today the social density and spatial, visual cues, air condition, and sound levels are considered.

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test (where 16 types of personalities inspired by Carl Jung's theories on personality archetypes are recorded) the different personality types respond differently according to the office environment in terms of distraction, job satisfaction, and performance.



Following the premise of the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types, in each office, there is more than one personality coexisting and collaborating in teams, and each one has a specific way in which they prefer to carry out work activities, which translates as that while some people do better in open offices, others will give their 100% in individual offices.

Therefore, a truly agile space, where both environments are combined, is the best solution. So it is not surprising that office designs that focus on work separated by activities are becoming more and more popular.



Do you want to make your space more agile? With Actiu’s Agile collection, doing it is simple. In it you will find a wide range of flexible furniture solutions that will allow you to create different spaces and work areas, according to each preference and activity.

Visit our website and discover in our catalog the most agile and functional options to adapt your workspaces according to each personality.