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Mastering ECOllections: Optimize Sound

Discover a wide variety of acoustic systems to improve any spaces

Discover a wide variety of acoustic systems to improve any spaces

 Acoustic panels are wall panels designed to absorb sound, effectively reducing reverberation, echo and noise levels within a space. It exists in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are panels that can be easily installed anywhere.

 Commonly found in offices to minimize background noise and improve productivity, acoustic panels play a crucial role in improving sound quality in recording studios by controlling room acoustics and reducing noise. not wanted. Although their decorative appeal is an advantage, the main objective of this type of panels is to improve sound quality and create a more comfortable environment for both individuals and companies.



Today, noise exposure contributes to 25% of cases of work-related stress. This statistic not only impacts the financial performance of a company but also affects the well-being of the work team. Noise exposure can lead to poor work environments, decreased productivity and a negative company image, making the integration of acoustic solutions essential to optimize effectiveness.

 The ECOcero® collection has a large number of varied solutions for all types of work spaces:


 It is an innovative acoustic solution that combines simplicity with adaptability to address the lack of versatility in the market. This product offers total customization in lighting and color, creating unique and cozy environments on walls, ceilings or architectural details. Lumomesh represents elegance and personalized design, perfectly integrating acoustics and lighting in a single element.




 A modular and emotional product that creatively combines colors and shapes to generate a visual impact. Consisting of four different sized pieces that allow for endless combinations, the puzzles offer a wide range of color options to personalize any project.


 An innovative and sustainable luminaire, it aligns with the ceiling to visually reflect the sound spectrum. This design harmonizes with everyday rhythms, capturing the complexity of natural sound and translating it into resonant patterns and frequencies that benefit the user.




 It is a new range of acoustic panels with ECOcero® technology that combines sustainability with exceptional design. These panels offer a unique solution for acoustic comfort, with exclusive designs that reduce noise and enhance the aesthetic appeal of spaces.

 Texture acoustic panels are not only functional but also works of art, and each design is meticulously selected by Welcome Design's experienced team. Easy to install, requiring minimal maintenance and offering high-quality acoustic performance, these panels are a one-stop solution for all acoustic needs.



At ECOcero®, we are committed to providing excellent acoustic solutions that improve daily comfort while contributing to a greener planet. We believe that superior acoustics, captivating design and sustainability can coexist harmoniously, offering a diverse selection of acoustic and decorative panels to prove it. Trusting us means creating a space that is not only beautiful but also respectful of the environment.