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Luxury Office Design in HBO's Succession

We study the corporate decoration of the 2022 Emmy-winning series

Succession, one of the most acclaimed current television series of the popular television network HBO, has caused a furor among viewers since it began broadcasting in 2018. It tells the story of a fictional American family that owns an international media conglomerate. audiovisual communication, where family members seek power and run the business in their own way.

Currently, three seasons have been broadcast and the fourth is about to air. The 74th Emmy Awards (awards that annually honor the American television industry) were held on September 7. The series that won the main prize was the very popular and deserving Succession, which did not surprise anyone with this result.



Although the series shows different locations, all particularly luxurious and elegant, the place we want to refer to is the offices of Waystar Royco, designed by Steve Carter, production designer, and set decorator, George DeTitta, They, along with their respective team of art directors, created several key sets: the main office of Logan Roy, the company's president, and founder, along with a full luxury hospital suite and wing, a few other rooms, and a gym. corporate.

The international media conglomerate Waystar was built on two empty floors of New York's World Trade Center, on the fourth and seventh floors to be exact. The designers were challenged to create a gleaming, modern corporate headquarters in less than four weeks, complete with ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, and everything else a multi-million dollar company needs to look like one.



The World Trade Center was chosen as the recording center for its excellent views of the city, being that from the office of President Logan Roy it is possible to see the Empire State Building. The set designers did an extensive study of the most modern design trends, and making the corporate office area reflective in nature was an important part of the necessary setting, with the glass panels that make walls in the structure another challenge. to overcome for production.

As for color, set decorator George DeTitta chose to combine neutrals, grays, and neutrals, opting for a clean and modern approach, using the Murdoch offices as an example. Selected to furnish the space were mid-century furniture from Dallas and Kravet Contract, lamps from Arterios, and cabinetry from Jensen-Lewis, BDI, and Hudson Valley.



The results of the hard work of the design team were more than acclaimed, the Waystar conglomerate would end up being a space with a powerful aura and a special voyeuristic touch.