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List of essentials for office interior design

Elevate your office space with this essential interior design checklist!

A checklist of office interior design essentials is a useful tool that outlines the key considerations for creating a well-designed workspace. This list of essentials covers important aspects such as furniture layout, lighting options, color palettes, ergonomic features, and branding elements. This guide ensures that the office not only looks attractive but also promotes productivity and creativity.

 Taking into account that offices are the second most frequented space after the home, they must be visually attractive, functional and conducive to well-being.



This guide serves as a manual for beginners or experts in creating an attractive and efficient office interior. Provides information on how to select furniture, coordinate colors, optimize lighting, and organize layout to foster a productive work atmosphere.

 Designing a workspace that is practical and aesthetically pleasing can improve efficiency, spark innovation, and cultivate a positive work culture. Whether you're embarking on a new design project or contemplating a renovation, having a list of essentials is vital because:

  1. Ensures that important elements are incorporated for a productive and comfortable work environment.
  2. Increases efficiency and reduces decision-making time.
  3. Reflect the style and spirit of the brand through the interior design of the office.
  4. Serves as a communication tool to engage stakeholders and refine design requirements.
  5. Maintains uniformity and high standards throughout the interior design of the office.
  6. Offers a well-designed workspace that increases productivity and employee satisfaction.



The essential elements for the interior design of any office are:

 Choose colors wisely.

 It is a fact that colors influence the brain. Some are energizing, some calming, and some can even be irritating! Therefore, the choice of colors in an office space is very important and must be planned carefully.



Do you work in the creative field? Then orange is a great option! While red in small details is also excellent for stimulating creativity.

The organization of the desks. 

Studies have shown that having a clear work surface promotes productivity. That is why it is better to leave only what is immediately needed on the desk and avoid piles of things. And if some things still need to be stored on the desk, closed boxes and containers will help hide the clutter, leaving the space free and inspiring.




Choose comfortable and healthy furniture

 Many hours are spent in the office, so comfort is key. Chairs, in particular, should adequately support the back and not cause pain. That is why adjustable chairs continue to be the best option in office interior design. And gone are the days when adjustable chairs were bulky and unsightly. Today, many office chairs will match the office furniture no matter the style.

 In addition to choosing a good chair, employees should be encouraged to move around the office. Firstly, standing desks are a great solution as they allow you to alternate sitting and standing while staying at the desk. Secondly, shared coworking or lounge areas are other good tools, as they encourage people to leave their desks from time to time. And small resources like placing the printer a few steps from the desks are other great ideas.




Plan storage space very well

 Storage is key in any office space. In particular, closed storage is essential to hide most of the clutter behind closed doors and give the space that sleek, designer look seem in magazines. Organization is another essential. When everything has its place, it's much easier to keep the space tidy.




Ready to take your office interior design to the next level?

All these tips will make the interior design of any office inspiring, healthy and productive. But with the help of an interior design expert, this can be much easier and more attractive too. At Ofimueble we can take the workspace to the next level with the best advice and the highest quality products available on the market.