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Knowing the psychology of the workplace

The culture of the employee’s mental and physical well-being.

Workspaces have not stopped experiencing changes and reinvention since the Covid pandemic led to the most diverse technological advances to make it possible for businesses, as we knew them, could make it. In addition to this, the Internet and globalization made possible new work models that were barely being considered and experienced, all this meant a large number of advantages for companies, but it also meant seeking solutions for new challenges.

The pandemic was the cause of many inconveniences, but it also meant awakening to a more concerned conscience for the environment and people. Whether in coworking spaces or traditional offices, the staff has accepted that there are specific work needs such as creating flexible and dynamic work environments, which go hand in hand with the well-being and productivity of the human being and the care of the planet.



Current work psychology explores the human potential and the workspace as a single entity, in search of making them more functional while being concerned about the health and duration that each activity and process generates both in the staff and in the environment. If before the office was a place to go to carry out several activities without thinking about resting or interacting with others, current spaces are perceived as human places and “with soul”, places with a true appreciation for talent, focused on attracting and retaining it and foster true corporate values and culture.

Furniture and decoration play a key role in these new trends, which until very recently was something that was not considered as relevant, are now the protagonists of a new generation of workspaces. In addition, today there is a commitment to a greener and more ecologically responsible places, with eco-efficient equipment, with an awareness of thermal and acoustic comfort and air purification.



All this conglomeration of factors applied to work environments has resulted in incredibly positive statistics. Today it is a fact that betting on the comfort, creativity, innovation, and productivity of workers generates a more efficient, productive, creative, and functional company.