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How to optimize sound in spaces, part 2

EcoCero arrives to facilitate noise management in the office

Excessive noise can be a major obstacle to productivity and comfort in the workplace. It can disrupt conversations, make it difficult to concentrate, and even trigger or worsen certain health conditions such as epilepsy or panic disorders. People with hearing impairments or attention difficulties may find it particularly difficult to navigate noisy environments.

 When sharing office space, it is essential to consider noise levels to maintain positive relationships with neighbors and ensure a conducive work environment. Addressing sound issues within the workspace not only benefits the team but also helps reduce external disturbances. Finding a balance between a quiet environment and allowing the noise levels necessary for work tasks is essential for employee well-being and productivity.



It is neither fair nor reasonable to expect employees to endure a noisy environment all day. However, simply requiring them to be quieter is also not sustainable, as most teams require permission and space to be as loud or quiet as the job requires. Creating a peaceful workspace is vital for employee morale and efficiency. Solutions such as sound-absorbing panels can significantly improve acoustics without compromising the team's ability to collaborate effectively.

 If the office has a noise level higher than recommended and you want to stop the noise pollution without silencing the team, there are many solutions to improve the acoustics, but if you are in a position to dedicate a little budget and effort to the acoustic project, but not If you are ready to renovate your entire office, the following panel options may be perfect:




OTOgreen wall.

 EcoCero wall gardens are made up of preserved natural plants and an absorbent acoustic panel created from recycled polyester fiber, making them visually and acoustically attractive. The gardens are available in a variety of colors, allowing them to blend seamlessly into any environment and can be configured with wheels or legs for maximum flexibility. They are environmentally sustainable and committed to certified quality and safety.



OTOgreen planter.

 This is a sound-absorbing plant panel that provides a natural and calm environment while being an environmentally friendly option. These panels come in all the colors of the ECO range, have a Euroclass B-S2 d0 fire resistance rating, meet low VOC emissions specifications and have LEED and BREEAM GOLD certifications. These panels are hypoallergenic, do not emit CO2, function as indicators of environmental humidity and maintain a pleasant natural aroma. OTOgreen planter is a high-quality, environmentally friendly solution that offers visual appeal and contributes to a more sustainable future.




 The features and characteristics of ECOCero acoustic partitions, known as Parabans Quiet, offer acoustic comfort and visual privacy in workspaces. These mobile panel systems are made with an innovative material that reduces reverberation time, eliminates echo and improves the acoustic quality of the environment. These panels improve communication and concentration in offices, conference rooms and classrooms, and also control noise between spaces, making them useful in hotels, hospitals and homes.




ECOCero's commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, to manufacture sound-absorbing panels. By reusing plastic waste, they offer an ecological solution that promotes acoustic comfort in an elegant and environmentally friendly way. With a focus on creating sustainable and visually appealing acoustic panels, ECOCero aims to provide affordable and effective acoustic solutions for many different spaces.