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It's time to talk about the latest trends in HO.

A lot has been said about companies with the most avant-garde and creative offices in recent times, and much has been written in recent times about the impact that Google’s or Actiu Spain’s facilities have had on the evolution of what was known as ergonomic and friendly workspaces.

But now that the world is not what it used to and the work style is not what it was, it is time to bring out the trend-setting Home Offices that are a true example of how you can achieve an exclusive home space to work and feel comfortable in.



For many people, it is already a more than normalized reality to have their workspace at home and configure it to give it a unique personality. Some took advantage of that room that they had empty for a long time or in closet mode, others finally used the desk they were using as a shelf to pile up things.

Creating a work corner at home was for many an experience of reconnection between the confined ones and the space they had forgotten at home, discovering all the possibilities that, in many cases, they could not have in their workspaces in the company. In addition, there were people who, given the little time they had to dedicate to the house, had never considered creating their workspace at home, or who had it but never used it.



Now that the topic of home offices has become more of a reality than innovation, the focus is on the most interesting, up-to-date, and audacious configurations that are actualy designed.

The first Home Office we will mention is an impressive space created by none other than an extraordinary interior stylist, Carlos Mota, who decided to fill his workspace and personal sanctuary in the Dominican Republic with a lot of color.



Carlos Mota is a creative consultant with extensive experience in styling, interior design, product design, and advertising. His mark is impregnated in his editorial work, being a great reference in the production and design of reports for renowned design and shelter magazines. He also published a flower book: ‘Cheap & Chic’; and his most recent publication is a book on coffee tables named: ‘A Touch of Style’.

Designed by no one but himself, every detail in Mota's home office is carefully thought out and inspired by the painter Pablo Picasso. In addition to his characteristic stamp of personal color, Mota envisioned a space where he could unleash creativity without neglecting the private aspect that a work area should have. Elegance, of course, is not missing, and as a result of the designer's good taste, the selected chair for this space is an Indian one. And the entire space is immersed in a beautiful pigment-saturated mural also inspired by Picasso.



With a desk designed by himself, accompanied by a sculpture reminiscent of the famous Bull's Head, also by Picasso, Mota's home office, without a doubt, has no comparison.

Do you have a home office that you are proud of? Send us a photo to our DMs on Instagram.