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Optimize the office with acoustic ceiling panels

Nowadays it is essential to know which acoustic option is the best for the company

25% of cases of workplace stress arise from exposure to excessive noise, which can significantly affect a company's finances and staff. This can lead to a poor company reputation, reduced efficiency and unfavorable working conditions. To address this issue, companies are adopting environmentally friendly solutions and taking proactive measures to mitigate it.

The ECO range from ECOcero offers various certifications that allow it to comply positively with European regulations and international standards. Their products include acoustic ceiling panels that can be installed under an existing ceiling and absorb sound waves and environmental reverberations. These panels are versatile and adapt to almost any type of roof, facilitating the acoustic conditioning of any space.



An innovative acoustic ceiling solution that transforms physical and emotional spaces is FLAP by ECOcero. It has two-color and 360º rotating slats that adjust the environment according to needs or emotions. FLAP offers several advantages, such as regulating the level of acoustic comfort, dividing different spaces by color, modifying the volume of the room, hiding facilities and influencing the mood through chromotherapy.

ECOcero's revolutionary acoustic ceiling system, CODE, combines acoustic efficiency with an exceptional design experience. It integrates all the elements, from lighting to signage, using the materials and colors of the ECO range. Its distinctive vertical ribs, made of ecological material, allow you to generate customizable visual codes by adjusting their distance, number and color. CODE offers extraordinary advantages such as:

  • Timelessness and elegance.
  • Integrated lighting.
  • Custom signage.
  • Definition of spaces and visual codes.
  • Infinite design and color combinations.

Another innovative acoustic ceiling from ECOcero is CIRCULAR. Its organic and dynamic style adds a unique dimension to any space. It allows you to customize the number and fall of tones, creating unique and varied environments in spatial perceptions. CIRCULAR also has the option of variable backlighting integrated into its upper part, which adds color to the space and creates an impressive play of light and shadows that add depth to the environment. CIRCULAR offers several advantages, such as:

 Space volume customization.



  • Adaptation of lighting in color and intensity.
  • Color combination.
  • Modification of the fall of the tulips.
  • Integration of lighting and other accessories.

LuxinECO is a sound-absorbing false ceiling that merges functionality and design in a single solution. It is customizable, with up to 12 base colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits the desired style and space. Thanks to the anchors included in each module, it is a simple and quick installation. With LuxinECO, you get acoustic comfort, durability and commitment to sustainability. It is a conscious and responsible choice with GOLD certification in LEED and BREEAM.



Finally, ECObaffle is an innovative, sustainable solution that creates flexible ceilings in various spaces. These ceilings are made with recycled polyester fiber from plastic bottles, making them an ecological and responsible alternative. With ECObaffle, it is possible to create different volumes and unique designs for the space, thanks to its versatility and flexibility. It is also a durable and effective solution to improve the acoustic quality in the office, whether at home or in the company, offering a comfortable and relaxed environment.

 If you need help choosing the most suitable panel, you can contact ECOcero. Our team will provide the best advice and solutions to improve and optimize the work environment.